Moving with a child

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Re: Moving with a child

Kirjoittaja Kela | kansainväliset asiat » 09 Elo 2019, 13:40

Hey AurinkoA!

For more information about your situation, contact our customer service by phone.
Our service number is +358 20 634 0200.

With kind regards
Maija | Kela International Services

Re: Moving with a child

Kirjoittaja AurinkoA » 09 Elo 2019, 13:13

Hello again,

I applied for a Kela Card in the middle of June and, using my strong identification, I can track the progress online. But the page says it takes about 4 weeks for international situations to be sorted and ive been waiting almost 7 weeks for mine. I went into a service point a week ago and asked them about it and they said the only way i could speed up the process is if i had a need.. which i do. the reason i need it is to apply for student help and my studies start in less than 2 weeks now.

is there anyway for me to get an update? what would be the next thing for me to do? do i just have to wait this out?

Sorry for all the questions.

Re: Moving with a child

Kirjoittaja FPA | internationella ärenden » 24 Touko 2019, 12:21

Dear AurinkoA!

You may send the form already from abroad if the details are settled. Please fill in the application form for the kela-card as well along the notification/ moving to Finland.

For the various benefits there are specific application forms which need to be filled in accordingly. After receiving applications with possible requested attachments the handling process will approximately take around 4 – 5 weeks. Please see our web site for more information over moving to Finland and benefits (families, unemployment, students, housing benefits etc.) with their regulations and application forms:

Habitation matters are on persons own responsibility.

Please be in contact with the authority in the country of origin before departing for information over local benefits and departure formalities.

Kind regards,

Mia | Kela international issues

Re: Moving with a child

Kirjoittaja avapauku18 » 23 Touko 2019, 14:18

joo no, muutto Suomeen ja heti etuuksien kimppuun

Moving with a child

Kirjoittaja AurinkoA » 23 Touko 2019, 09:51

I'm a single parent moving from an EU country to Finland to begin a full time course in a UAS. I have family ties but they are further north. I've read around and need a few questions answered;

1) the "moving to finland" forms need to be filled out and sent when I arrive, or can I do the paperwork from abroad?

2) once I get the Kela Card how long until I will get benefits? I will be unemployed until my course starts and I know what my college hours are before I can find a suitable job.

3)what would I be able to apply for? -
-Childs allowance
-housing assistance (will look for student housing)
-day care assistance?
-unemployment benefit until my studies begin at the end of August?

4)I will have to find a temporary residence on arrival until I have student housing, will this be an issue when applying? I will most probably sublet.

5)will I be able to bring over my benefits from my EU country until I'm sorted with kela or do I have to cancel them all before arriving in finland?