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Re: Question

Kirjoittaja Kela | kansainväliset asiat » 02 Loka 2020, 08:11

Hi Adidas07!

On Kysy Kelasta- page, we can only provide general information and therefore I recommend you to call our international situations number. This way we can sort out your personal situation. 

With kind regards
Maija | Kela International Services


Kirjoittaja Adidas07 » 28 Syys 2020, 12:11

we have emigrated from Switzerland. We have received the personal identity code from "migri" and are also registered with the municipality.
Now our question: We urgently need signatures on the following form (for Switzerland) - "Application form to determine social insurance liability in an EU or EFTA Member State after permanent departure from Switzerland", because we do not work and are not subject to social insurance.
Our municipality in Kittila has informed us that they cannot give us this signature.

Please help us with this request, where can we get these signatures? We can also send you the form by e-mail.

Thank you very much for your quick reply.

Best regards
xx and xx