Delay due to registration of marriage

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Re: Delay due to registration of marriage

Kirjoittaja Kela | työttömyysturva » 15 Marras 2019, 10:43

Hi uygarpolat!

From the information you have provided, it seems like delay might be because of delays in system between Kela and Maistraatti. If you have registered your marriage into the Population Information System, then that should be enough. Usually we don't require anything else. Delay should only be couple of working days for the info to reach Kela.

Unemployment application is most likely waiting for this decision of rights to finnish social security. These matters are handled at Centre for International Affairs (in Kela) and they unfortunately have little bit longer handling times.

As you said, I can't say for sure about the exact status of your applications. I don't think you have to do anything else than wait at the moment. But if you want to be sure, you can contact Centre for International Affairs and they can check your status. They provide english customer service as well.

You can find contact information via this link: ... al-affairs

Kind regards
Joona | Kela työttömyysturva

Re: Delay due to registration of marriage

Kirjoittaja uygarpolat » 13 Marras 2019, 01:27

Further information that may help answer: my current status reads as "Oikeus Suomen sosiaaliturvaan [Name] Asian käsittely on kesken: Sosiaaliturvan soveltamista koskeva asiasi on käsiteltävänä. Oikeutesi Suomen sosiaaliturvaan ratkaistaan etuusasiasi yhteydessä."

Delay due to registration of marriage

Kirjoittaja uygarpolat » 11 Marras 2019, 15:05

Hello, I moved to Finland 3 months ago and applied for unemployment benefits but my Right to Finnish Social Security status has been "Odottaa väestötietojärjestelmän tietoja" ever since I applied - and my unemployment benefits status is correspondingly "Käsiteltävänä". Is that because of the following reason: my spouse works and I think my eligibility to Finnish Social Security will be dependent on that (we hold residence permits), but our marriage is only entered into the Population Information System last Friday, is that the reason for the delay? If so, do I need to let Kela know of this change or will Kela automatically recognize this? We already appear as "Avopuoliso" on the Kela's Omat tiedot page because I entered our marriage through Kela but I was prompted to do it through Maistraatti, which I have now done. To sum up my question: if that is the reason for the delay (I understand you can't know for a fact without looking into specifics), do I require any more action on my part, or do I just need to wait? Thank you.