Language courses and social security

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Re: Language courses and social security

Kirjoittaja Kela | opintotuki » 08 Touko 2019, 12:59

Hello AlexandraMaria!

Financial aid (opintotuki) is available for full-time study. The definition of full-time study varies depending on the type of education:

More information about social benefits in Finland you can find on our website:

You can ask more about social security when moving to Finland at our Ask about international situations -forum: viewforum.php?f=112

Our phone services concerning international situations 020 634 0200 (open 9 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday).

Marika | Kela opintotuki

Language courses and social security

Kirjoittaja AlexandraMaria » 05 Touko 2019, 15:11

Hello Fpa, my name is Alexandra and I am a russian citizen. Recently, I got a finnish recidence permit based on family ties (I am married to a finnish man) and I have a finnish social security number. This permit is valid for one year, is it possible for me to get some kind of social benefit when I will attend finnish and swedish language courses? This courses is not full time I think but question is if I am in some way eligible by the finnish social benefits (for example opinto-tuki)?