Moving back permanently to EU state, question about forms to fill

Miten käy sosiaaliturvani, jos lähden ulkomaille töihin, työnhakuun tai opiskelemaan? Miten saan sairaanhoitoa ulkomailla? Voidaanko perhe-etuuksia tai kansaneläkettä maksaa ulkomaille? │ What happens to the entitlement to social security if I go abroad to work, look for a job or study? How can I get medical treatment abroad? Can family benefits or national pensions be paid abroad?

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Moving back permanently to EU state, question about forms to fill

Lukematon viesti Kirjoittaja Vaananenmelinda99 » 26 Heinä 2021, 11:45

My question is the following
I'm permanently moving out from Finland around the 21st of August 2021, cause I will divorce my Finnish husband, and moving back to my home country

I need help with what, and how to fill
can I fill it online, and if yes is this the path to the correct form?

Ilmoita muutoksista
*Oikeus Suomen sosiaaliturvaan
*Ilmoita muutosta ulkomaille tai ulkomailta Suomeen

Which options do I have to choose, since I don't move for either work per se neither for study
I will start searching jobs once i settled home, and reactivated all my social security

I need the e-104/S041 form in English in order to move home . Where do I get the EU E-104/S041 Form from?

(E104 Form: certificate concerning all periods of insurance, employment, and residence.
This document summarises the insurance periods paid for in a member state.
It is intended for the unemployed person who is claiming benefits in a member state, after working in another member state.)

Also, do I fill my last month's unemployment notification as usual?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Moving back permanently to EU state, question about forms to fill

Lukematon viesti Kirjoittaja Kela | kansainväliset asiat » 28 Heinä 2021, 09:38

Hello Vaananenmelinda99!

You are on the right path. You can fill out the form in our e-service by choosing "Ilmoita muutoksista - Oikeus Suomen sosiaaliturvaan - Ilmoita muutosta ulkomaille tai ulkomailta Suomeen". After this, you may choose the option best suited for your situation. If you are moving abroad permanently, you may choose the option for moving abroad for over 6 months.

It is also possible fill out the English form Y38e and send the document as an attachment through our e-service.

By calling our international situations number, you can request an E104 certificate.

You can fill out the last month's unemployment report as usual. However, the right to unemployment benefit will end, when you are no longer entitled to social security in Finland.

Best regards
Vilma | Kela International situations
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