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Kirjoittaja AlexandraMaria 05 Touko 2019, 15:11
Hello Fpa, my name is Alexandra and I am a russian citizen. Recently, I got a finnish recidence permit based on family ties (I am married to a finnish man) and I have a finnish social security number. This permit is valid for one year, is it possible for me to get some kind of social benefit when I will attend finnish and swedish language courses? This courses is not full time I think but question is if I am in some way eligible by the finnish social benefits (for example opinto-tuki)?
Kirjoittaja FPA | internationella ärenden 08 Touko 2019, 11:21
Dear AlexandraMaria

To start with I would advise you to fill in the forms SV157e (Application for the Kela-card) and y77e (Notification when moving to Finland) and forward them to Kela. These forms are available on our web site.

Related to the language course you might be entitled to unemployment benefit. You should be permanently resident in Finland and covered under the Finnish social security system. Please be in contact with TE-Services (Public employment services) concerning the right for applying the benefit from Kela in connection to your language course.

Further information over the benefits in your situation is available on our web site: ... ly-members

Concerning study grant (opintotuki) I will forward your question to a column specializing on this benefit and you will then find the answer here.

Kind regards

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