Social Security rights with double residency

Hur kan jag börja omfattas av den finländska sociala tryggheten? Hur får jag ett FPA-kort? Kan jag få arbetslöshetsförmåner eller familjeförmåner? Inverkar förmåner från utreselandet på FPA-förmånerna? │ How can I become covered by the Finnish social security system? How can I get a Kela card? Can I receive unemployment benefits or family benefits? Do benefits from the country of origin affect the benefits paid by Kela?

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Social Security rights with double residency

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I have a question regarding social security rights for a temporary working contract while maintaining residency in another EU country.

I am a non-EU citizen who lives in France (I have a marriage-based residency and working permit). I have been offered a job in research at a public university in Finland. It is a 2-year contract. I plan on moving to Finland and having permanent housing for the duration of the contract (I would of course have to apply for a residency permit first). If my job is made permanent at the end of the contract, we would consider moving to Finland as a family, but initially, my family would stay in France. I would therefore like to also keep my residency in France and split my time between France and Finland for family reasons during the initial contract.

Would I have the right to social security in Finland in such a situation? Are there any particular conditions that I would need to meet?

Thank you!


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Re: Social Security rights with double residency

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Hello Alex!

You can become entitled to social security coverage in Finland, if you work in Finland and the wage amounts to at least EUR 726.27 per month.

If this is your first time moving to Finland, Kela will determine your right to social security coverage when you submit your notification of moving to Finland, in addition to a benefit application or a Kela card application.

However, if you are working remotely from another EU country, you should contact the Finnish Centre for Pensions to request an A1 certificate.

If you have further questions, I recommend you to call our international situations number. In this way we can discuss your personal situation in more detail.

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