EU citizen - moving Sweden->Finland - Swedish job

Hur kan jag börja omfattas av den finländska sociala tryggheten? Hur får jag ett FPA-kort? Kan jag få arbetslöshetsförmåner eller familjeförmåner? Inverkar förmåner från utreselandet på FPA-förmånerna? │ How can I become covered by the Finnish social security system? How can I get a Kela card? Can I receive unemployment benefits or family benefits? Do benefits from the country of origin affect the benefits paid by Kela?

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EU citizen - moving Sweden->Finland - Swedish job

Oläst inlägg av Jeru » 17 nov 2019, 15:11

Dear Kela,

First of all, my apologies for writing this in English, as my Swedish and Finnish aren't so good yet.

This is my current situation:
- I'm a Dutch citizen
- I live in Sweden for about a year now
- I have a full-time employment agreement with a Swedish company
- I'm registered as resident in Sweden, and pay tax there
- I'm not registered as Dutch resident and don't pay tax there

I'm planning to move to Finland in the beginning of 2020. I have some questions about this that I haven't found answers to yet.

From what I can find, I have to pay tax in Finland if I stay longer than 183 days (half a year). Which I will, since I'm planning to move there indefinitely.
And I have to register myself as resident in Finland in that case as well.

What my question now is, how does it work exactly with paying tax in Sweden/Finland, and social security?
1) Do I need a new (type of) employment contract with my current employer, or can this remain the same - no matter where I will pay tax and receive social security benefits?
2) Do which country do me and my employer pay the tax initially? Finland or Sweden?
3) Where do I receive social security benefits, Finland or Sweden?
4) My employer pays pension and unemployment insurance to - of course - Sweden. Would this have to change?

So, as you can see, in general I'm curious how it works with paying salaries, taxes, benefits, etc. To which country this is paid and in which country I receive benefits. If I could get an answer to that, or a page with more information about that, that would be great!

Also, is there something I can already start doing to prepare my move to Finland, such as register as resident? Or do I actually have to live here already and pay taxes?

Thanks a lot for any information.

Kind regards

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Re: EU citizen - moving Sweden->Finland - Swedish job

Oläst inlägg av FPA | internationella ärenden » 20 nov 2019, 10:26

Hello Jeru!

If you still work for the Swedish employer after moving to Finland, you should contact the Finnish Centre for Pensions (FCP) in order to get answers for your questions. FCP is the authority in Finland that decides the employee’s right for social security coverage when the employee works in several EU/EEA countries or when the employer and the employee operate in different EU/EEA countries.

You can find more information on FCP’s web page: ... n-finland/. You can also find their contact information on the web page.

Best regards,
Johanna | Kela international issues
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