studying a master degree in an EU country

Hur går det med rätten till social trygghet om jag reser utomlands för att arbeta, söka jobb eller studera? Hur får jag sjukvård utomlands? Kan familjeförmåner eller folkpension betalas utomlands? │ What happens to the entitlement to social security if I go abroad to work, look for a job or study? How can I get medical treatment abroad? Can family benefits or national pensions be paid abroad?

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studying a master degree in an EU country

Oläst inlägg av Tram » 11 dec 2020, 15:44

Hello Kela,

I am a non EU citizen coming to Finland to study bachelor. I have a Finnish resident permit for student (type B). As i work part time job, I applied for KELA and I got the KELA card + EHIC card.

Now I want to go to Germany to study master. Will I still be covered by the Finnish health insurance? Can I still use the EHIC card in Germany?

Thank you


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Re: studying a master degree in an EU country

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Kysy Kelasta- page is only for general information. Based on this information, I cannot give you exact answers. Therefore, I recommend you to call our international situations number or to send us a message on the eService. This way we can sort out your personal situation.

Here you can find more information about moving away from Finland.

When you move away from Finland, you must notify Kela. You can do this on the eService, or by submitting the form y38e. When you submit this notification, we will see if you are still covered by the Finnish social security during your stay in Germany. If you are not covered by the Finnish social security, you cannot use the EHIC you have received from Finland.

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