Hur går det med rätten till social trygghet om jag reser utomlands för att arbeta, söka jobb eller studera? Hur får jag sjukvård utomlands? Kan familjeförmåner eller folkpension betalas utomlands? │ What happens to the entitlement to social security if I go abroad to work, look for a job or study? How can I get medical treatment abroad? Can family benefits or national pensions be paid abroad?

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Moved out of Finland at age of 22. Born May 1955 Worked from age of 15 to time of departure. Celebrated my 66 birthday May 2021.
My question is.
Am I able to receive Finnish national pension?
Rg Harri

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Re: Kansaneläke.

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Hello HJV555!

We apologize for the late answer to your question.

You can be entitled to Finnish national pension if you are over 65 years old, if you have lived in Finland for at least three years after turning 16 years old and if your other pensions and compensations don't exceed the income limit (gross income). This year 2022, the income limit is 1 402,63€/month (if you live alone) or 1 256,88€/month (if you live with another person). Even if your income would be less than the income limit, the time of residence abroad can still reduce the amount of national pension, if you have lived in Finland less than 80% of the time between the age of 16 years and the start of the pension.

The Finnish national pension can be applied as old-age pension from EU- and EEA-countries, Switzerland, United Kingdom (Brexit agreements) and also from following social security agreement countries: USA, Canada, Chile, Israel and Australia.

Entitlement to Finnish national pension is processed based on an application. If you live in any of the above mentioned countries and wish to apply for the Finnish national pension, you should file the application with the pension provider in your country of residence and the pension provide forwards the application to Kela.

We can only advise here on a general level. If you wish more personal guidance, you can contact our customer service tel. 020 634 0200, mon-fri 10-15.

Kind regards
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