Valitse tämä, jos kysymyksesi ei sovi mihinkään muuhun keskustelualueeseen. Voit kysyä esimerkiksi korkoavustuksesta ja opintolainan takaisinmaksusta. Miten toimia, jos sairastut, saat lapsen tai jos intti/sivari kutsuu.

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Lukematon viesti Kirjoittaja dgov » 26 Kesä 2019, 14:37

Hello, I did my master degree programme in Hamk between 2015-2017 and during that time I did not apply for a student loan. I am planning to do a different degree programme in uas amk starting from September 2019. My question is; If I take out now a student loan, will I get a student loan credit or compensation from the loan and I finish my degree. Secondly, I read that the loan is 650e per month, will I get this as a loan every month or there is a fixed amount I can get during the school year, if there is, how much is it? Thanks

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Re: Opintolainaa

Lukematon viesti Kirjoittaja Kela | opintotuki » 27 Kesä 2019, 15:35

Hi dgov!

You said that had already graduated from master degree. Student loan compensation can only be granted from the first studies you do in higher education. If you did not apply for a loan at all, it propably means that your rights for the compensation has been declined already. But I cannot say that for sure, since it may require more personal checking and study history etc. I'd advice you to call our english customer service, so we can check your information and if you still have change to get compensation for the loan.

Student loan is 650 euros per month which you can get, if you still have moths left for financial aid. For higher education, you can get total 54 months of student aid, and from it we will reduce months you have already used in your previous studies. But this can also be checked if you contact us by calling :)

English customer service number is 020 634 2550 (open 9 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday)

Kind regards
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