Pregnancy and social benefits.

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Pregnancy and social benefits.

Lukematon viesti Kirjoittaja AlexandraWilson » 09 Tammi 2019, 14:52

I am currently pregnant, and after birth of my baby I would like to receive social benefits. In Kela told me that I must stay in Finland 180 days before the birth of the child. I would like to clarify 180 days or 180 business days, not counting holidays and weekends? And from what date can I start the countdown: I have been wenting to Finland for two years with a tourist visa, then in May of this year I married in Finland, my husband a foreigner too, and later in September I applied for a residence permit due to family circumstances, and in October i transferedthe border and stayed in Finland to wait for the decision, in November I received a residence permit for a year. From what moment I should start the counting 180 days, from when I applied for a residence permit, from that when I crossed the border after that either from the moment I received my residence permit or from the moment I received Kela card?
Thank you in advance for your response.

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Re: Pregnancy and social benefits.

Lukematon viesti Kirjoittaja Kela-Kerttu » 11 Tammi 2019, 13:38

Hi AlexandraWilson!

The granting of maternity and parental allowance presupposes that you have been covered under the Finnish health insurance system for at least 180 days immediately preceding the expected due date. If you come from another EU or EEA country or Switzerland and the child is born shortly after the move to Finland, the required period of 180 days can also include insurance periods in other EU or EEA countries or Switzerland. ... to-finland

If you need more specific information, you can call to our phone service for international situations 020 634 0200 (open 9 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday).

Kind regards
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