Fertility treatments

Hur kan jag börja omfattas av den finländska sociala tryggheten? Hur får jag ett FPA-kort? Kan jag få arbetslöshetsförmåner eller familjeförmåner? Inverkar förmåner från utreselandet på FPA-förmånerna? │ How can I become covered by the Finnish social security system? How can I get a Kela card? Can I receive unemployment benefits or family benefits? Do benefits from the country of origin affect the benefits paid by Kela?

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Fertility treatments

Lukematon viesti Kirjoittaja Therese » 26 Syys 2020, 18:31


I have some questions regarding fertility treatments in Finland.

As some background information my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years and we're currently living in Canada where we're going through some infertility treatments. My husband is a finish citizen and I am Swedish and we have plans to move to Finland this winter.

But before we move we would like to get some more information about what treatment in Finland looks like and how it is paid for, what criteria's we have to meet etc.

1. Are fertility treatments covered by public health care? In full? Partially?

2. Does public healthcare work with private service providers or do we have to choose either public care or private?

3. Should we have lived in Finland for a certain time in order to be covered by any expenses covered by the public healthcare?

4. Does it make a difference that I am not a finish citizen/permanent resident (I am a Swedish citizen).

5. Are medications covered by public care?

Hopefully you can help answer some of these questions or maybe help me find someone who can.

Many thanks and best regards,

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Re: Fertility treatments

Lukematon viesti Kirjoittaja Kela | kansainväliset asiat » 28 Syys 2020, 09:15


I have forwarded your question to the page that answers to health care related questions. You can find the answer to your question form here.

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