Child care in Finland + part-time foreign employer

Miten käy sosiaaliturvani, jos lähden ulkomaille töihin, työnhakuun tai opiskelemaan? Miten saan sairaanhoitoa ulkomailla? Voidaanko perhe-etuuksia tai kansaneläkettä maksaa ulkomaille? │ What happens to the entitlement to social security if I go abroad to work, look for a job or study? How can I get medical treatment abroad? Can family benefits or national pensions be paid abroad?

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Child care in Finland + part-time foreign employer

Lukematon viesti Kirjoittaja hoblovak » 15 Helmi 2020, 13:11

I would like to ask about my international situation. We live in Finland with my husband, who is employed by a Finnish employer, and a baby, we all have KELA cards. I am taking care of the baby full-time and will apply for the home-care allowance this month. As I am a translator, I just got a small contract for translation with an employer in a different EU country - the wages will only be 300 Euros/month and I will physically stay in Finland. It's only about 10 hours of work per month online. Does it affect my right to KELA benefits, mainly the home care allowance? The contract doesn't mean I'll get social and health insurance in the other country, if I am not mistaken.
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Re: Child care in Finland + part-time foreign employer

Lukematon viesti Kirjoittaja Kela | kansainväliset asiat » 20 Helmi 2020, 16:19

Hello Hoblovak!

Thank you for your message. Your work for a foreign employer may affect your social security coverage. If your employer is in another EU country but you work online in Finland, you should contact Finnish Centre for Pensions. They decide the social security coverage in situations where a person works in several EU countries or works remotely from/to another EU country. You can find their contact information here.

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