Housing allowance

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Housing allowance

Lukematon viesti Kirjoittaja Borov11+ » 21 Helmi 2020, 19:43

Hello, my name is Borov Nicolae, I have been working in Finland since 2017, 3 months ago I moved here with my family, my wife and a small child ... I applied for 2 applications with Kela, child support and housing allowance ... Nobody works except me, so I needed help ... I provided all the documents, a job contract, a salary certificate, a contract that I rented an apartment ... However, my wife does not receive any benefits from Kela, as a result, I was denied housing allowance for reasons incomprehensible to me ... I receive 2400 euros per month of which 840 euros pay for an apartment, plus separately for electricity and water ... as well as a garden for the child, and as a result we do not have enough to eat ... Review please my application .. thanks

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Re: Housing allowance

Lukematon viesti Kirjoittaja Kela-Kerttu » 25 Helmi 2020, 08:56


We can only give general guidance and answer Kela-related questions in general here. It sounds like it would be the best for you to contact our customer service, so we can check your decision and why housing allowance wasn't granted for you.

We have English customer service which you can call.


Hopefully situation comes clear.

Best regards
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