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Lukematon viesti Kirjoittaja mofarah19930 » 21 Touko 2020, 04:02

Hi Kela,

I'm from the UK, an i have a military call coming up in couple months, I was wondering does Kela also cover me for my housing rent and other bill like electric, gas, wifi & mobile? And if so how do i go about applying for it? Do i fill in an application sheet and scan over my documents? also how long does this whole process take? I've tried to apply for the military allowance but i keep getting to a authentication page which requires information that i don't have?


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Re: Mr

Lukematon viesti Kirjoittaja Kela | työttömyysturva » 25 Touko 2020, 09:57

Hi mofarah19930!

Thank you for your question.
Persons coming from abroad to enter conscript service receive conscript's allowance payments under the same terms as Finnish residents. Payment of the conscript's allowance does not require the recipient to be covered by the Finnish social security system. Apply for conscript's allowance one month before you are scheduled to enter service.

Kela can pay housing assistance for the costs of maintaining a home outside Finland. Housing assistance from Kela may also be available for the costs of renting a home in Finland for the duration of the service. In that case the assistance paid by Kela is equal to the cost of renting a one-room apartment in the same city or town. Other housing costs are covered in the same way as they are for Finnish residents. Electricity and water bills are paid if they are due during service or during the last calendar month of service. The assistance does not cover internet, sauna or parking fees, rental security deposits, advance payments for rent, the real estate agent's commission, property tax, or home insurance. More information:

You can apply conscript’s allowance in Kela’s online customer service if you have Finnish bank ID. Alternatively you can complete and print out a paper claim form (SA1) (in Finnish) and mail it to Kela along with the supporting documents. More information how to apply:

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